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Grass Doctor Consulting is a consulting company, and the primary focus is providing lawn coaching to homeowners and commercial customers.  Routine tasks such evaluating soil tests, site evaluation and providing a site-specific lawn assessment and recommendations for overall turfgrass performance.  Recommendations include areas such as mowing, aerating, fertilizing & liming, turf renovation, improving soil types, water requirements for turf, irrigation scheduling, etc.

Lawn Assessments

and Consultations

Grass Doctor Consulting is a lawn coaching and consulting company for residential, commercial and sports fields.
The Grass Doctor

The Grass Doctor, Doug Kinnaman, is the go to lawn care professional and consultant serving homeowners, businesses, government and sports fields in the Olympia, Thurston, and Seattle area.  As certified Turfgrass Professional you can trust Doug to have expert knowledge of turf grass.   As a landscape and lawn care professional in the Pacific Northwest for 27 years, you can trust the Grass Doctor to promote a balance of nutrition, overall health of the turf and soil building.

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