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Commercial Lawn Care Services

Our Commercial Services always includes a site visit and assessment of the current soil and lawn conditions.  pH testing is of utmost importance during this first evaluation.  I would then recommend a feasible course of action, specifying materials appropriate to the site and provide suggested solutions to the client.  Suggestions include aerating, soil building through topdressing with compost for an increased root zone and infiltration rates, evaluating the lawn area for appropriate drainage, best management practices for correct application of materials and knowledge of appropriate maintenance practices. Appropriate maintenance practices include proper mowing heights and practices such as mulch mowing, aeration, irrigation scheduling, fertilizing and liming to maintain overall health to minimize pre-and post-emergent pesticide use.

Off season crew education and training would be supplemental to onsite evaluations.  Sustainable practices with education in grasses, nutrition (organic & synthetic) and soils will be part of this training.  If onsite training facilities are appropriate this is the most beneficial training as current equipment can be used as a part of the training course.  Offsite training is also available for additional fees dependent upon crew size and the need of an interpreter for the training.

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